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    [211], EU forces have been deployed on peacekeeping missions from middle and northern Africa to the western Balkans and western Asia. In the Elections to the European Parliament in 2019, the green parties increased their power, possibly because of the rise of post materialist values. Across the EU, belief was higher among women, older people, those with religious upbringing, those who left school at 15 or 16, and those "positioning themselves on the right of the political scale". [88][89], The EU contains about 40 urban areas with populations of over one million. [199], Besides the emerging international policy of the European Union, the international influence of the EU is also felt through enlargement. Tasks for the President of the European Council are ensuring the external representation of the EU,[144] driving consensus and resolving divergences among member states, both during meetings of the European Council and over the periods between them. The main legal acts of the EU come in three forms: regulations, directives, and decisions. "[48] During the same decade, Richard von Coudenhove-Kalergi, one of the first to imagine of a modern political union of Europe, founded the Pan-Europa Movement. [154], The EU had an agreed budget of €120.7 billion for the year 2007 and €864.3 billion for the period 2007–2013,[156] representing 1.10% and 1.05% of the EU-27's GNI forecast for the respective periods. [109][110] The European Charter for Regional or Minority Languages ratified by most EU states provides general guidelines that states can follow to protect their linguistic heritage. Centre for European Policy Studies. [175] Decisions from the General Court can be appealed to the Court of Justice but only on a point of law. [185], Since the creation of the EU in 1993, it has developed its competencies in the area of justice and home affairs; initially at an intergovernmental level and later by supranationalism. [128] The lowest points in the EU are Lammefjorden, Denmark and Zuidplaspolder, Netherlands, at 7 m (23 ft) below sea level. [222], The European Union is the largest exporter in the world[226] and as of 2008 the largest importer of goods and services. In particular, it changed the legal structure of the European Union, merging the EU three pillars system into a single legal entity provisioned with a legal personality, created a permanent President of the European Council, the first of which was Herman Van Rompuy, and strengthened the position of the High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy. European Union - Official website of the European Union. The European Union (EU) is a political and economic union of 27 member states that are located primarily in Europe. It serves to represent the various governments directly and its approval is required for any proposal to enter into law. [243] Until the drive towards economic and monetary union the development of the capital provisions had been slow. Of the top 500 largest corporations in the world measured by revenue in 2010, 161 had their headquarters in the EU. Other key global agreements are the Paris Agreement and the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development (United Nations, 2015). [45] The term United States of Europe (French: États-Unis d'Europe) was used at that time by Victor Hugo (1802–1885) during a speech at the International Peace Congress held in Paris in 1849: A day will come when all nations on our continent will form a European brotherhood ... A day will come when we shall see ... the United States of America and the United States of Europe face to face, reaching out for each other across the seas. Accordingly, the Union has legislated in areas such as extradition,[186] family law,[187] asylum law,[188] and criminal justice. Since 1993, the EU has worked to increase economies and spread human rights advances worldwide. [213] Frontex is an agency of the EU established to manage the cooperation between national border guards securing its external borders. [245] According to the Treaty the provision of services is a residual freedom that only applies if no other freedom is being exercised. In 1929, the latter gave a speech in favour of a European Union before the assembly of the League of Nations, precursor of the United Nations. Together they cover much of the European continent. It convenes at least four times a year and comprises the President of the European Council (currently Charles Michel), the President of the European Commission and one representative per member state (either its head of state or head of government). EU member states own the estimated second largest after the United States (US$105 trillion) net wealth in the world, equal to around 20% (~€60 trillion) of the US$360 trillion (~€300 trillion)[232] global wealth. [263], Since the beginning of the 1990s, the CAP has been subject to a series of reforms. Since the end of World War II, sovereign European countries have entered into treaties and thereby co-operated and harmonised policies (or pooled sovereignty) in an increasing number of areas, in the so-called European integration project or the construction of Europe (French: la construction européenne). The European Union (EU) is an economic and political union of 27 European countries. [252], In 2007, EU countries as a whole imported 82% of their oil, 57% of their natural gas[254] and 97.48% of their uranium[251] demands. [67] In 1986, the European flag began to be used by the EEC[68] and the Single European Act was signed. The Court of Justice primarily deals with cases taken by member states, the institutions, and cases referred to it by the courts of member states. The EU has also sought to coordinate the social security and health systems of member states to facilitate individuals exercising free movement rights and to ensure they maintain their ability to access social security and health services in other member states. [316] Since 2008, the organisers of this prize, in conjunction with the European Parliament, have awarded the Charlemagne Youth Prize in recognition of similar efforts led by young people. [275], European policy-makers originally increased the EU's capacity to act on environmental issues by defining it as a trade problem. The first steps were to foster economic cooperation: the idea being that countries that trade with one another become economically interdependent and so more likely to avoid conflict.The result was the European Economic Community (EEC), created in 1958, and ini… [198] The EEAS will serve as a foreign ministry and diplomatic corps for the European Union. [p] Directives require member states to achieve a certain result while leaving them discretion as to how to achieve the result. This co-operation had to particularly be developed with the advent of open borders through the Schengen Agreement and the associated cross border crime. The EU uses foreign relations instruments like the European Neighbourhood Policy which seeks to tie those countries to the east and south of the European territory of the EU to the Union. [47] In 1920, advocating the creation of a European economic union, British economist John Maynard Keynes wrote that "a Free Trade Union should be established ... to impose no protectionist tariffs whatever against the produce of other members of the Union. Two territories have left the Union: Greenland (an autonomous province of Denmark) withdrew in 1985;[122] the United Kingdom formally invoked Article 50 of the Consolidated Treaty on European Union in 2017, and became the only sovereign state to leave when it withdrew from the EU in 2020. The distribution of competences in various policy areas between Member States and the Union is divided in the following three categories: The EU is based on a series of treaties. The most visible of these has been the Erasmus Programme, a university exchange programme which began in 1987. [259], The Galileo positioning system is another EU infrastructure project. By 2013 the group had 28 member countries. [15] Passport controls have been abolished for travel within the Schengen Area. Austrians comprise 1.7% of the total EU population. In 2012, the EU was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. [311] Before this, three territories of member states had left the EU or its forerunners. The predecessor of the EU was created in the aftermath of the Second World War. 65,993 km (41,006 mi) coastline dominates the European climate (Natural Park of Penyal d'Ifac, Spain), Mont Blanc in the Alps is the highest peak in the EU, The Danube (pictured in Budapest), is the longest river in the European Union, Repovesi National Park in Finland, where there are some 187,888 lakes larger than 500 square metres (5,382 sq ft), Nuorgam, a village in the Utsjoki municipality, is the northernmost point of the European Union, Including the overseas territories of France which are located outside the continent of Europe, but which are members of the union, the EU experiences most types of climate from Arctic (north-east Europe) to tropical (French Guiana), rendering meteorological averages for the EU as a whole meaningless. [279] The European Green Capital is an annual award given to cities that focuses on the environment, energy efficiency, and quality of life in urban areas to create smart city. US politics. [148] It operates de facto as a cabinet government,[citation needed] with 27 Commissioners for different areas of policy, one from each member state, though Commissioners are bound to represent the interests of the EU as a whole rather than their home state. Its role was recognized in three major UN summits on sustainable development: the 1992 UN Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED) in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; the 2002 World Summit on Sustainable Development (WSSD) in Johannesburg, South Africa; and the 2012 UN Conference on Sustainable Development (UNCSD) in Rio de Janeiro. It maintains permanent diplomatic missions throughout the world and represents itself at the United Nations, the World Trade Organization, the G7 and the G20. More recently, the EU has demonstrated leadership in global environmental governance, e.g. Important documents, such as legislation, are translated into every official language and the European Parliament provides translation for documents and plenary sessions. The free movement of capital is unique insofar as it is granted equally to non-member states. The landscape, climate, and economy of the EU are influenced by its coastline, which is 65,993 kilometres (41,006 mi) long. [y] By virtue of these powers, the EU has enacted legislation on sexual discrimination in the work-place, age discrimination, and racial discrimination.[z]. The unanimity and difficult issues treated under the CFSP sometimes lead to disagreements, such as those which occurred over the war in Iraq. This international dimension is reflected in the EU's Sixth Environmental Action Programme,[277] which recognises that its objectives can only be achieved if key international agreements are actively supported and properly implemented both at EU level and worldwide. Only four languages, namely Hungarian, Finnish, Estonian (all three Uralic), and Maltese (Semitic), are not Indo-European languages. The Galileo project was launched partly to reduce the EU's dependency on the US-operated Global Positioning System, but also to give more complete global coverage and allow for greater accuracy, given the aged nature of the GPS system. Housing, youth, childhood, Functional diversity or elderly care are supportive competencies of the European Union and can be financed by the European Social Fund. Euratom was to integrate sectors in nuclear energy while the EEC would develop a customs union among members. These require a stable democracy that respects human rights and the rule of law; a functioning market economy; and the acceptance of the obligations of membership, including EU law. Professor of Political Science, Washington University, St. Louis, Missouri. In 1957, Belgium, France, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, and West Germany signed the Treaty of Rome, which created the European Economic Community (EEC) and established a customs union. [58] These men and others are officially credited as the founding fathers of the European Union. Financing European development cooperation: the Financial Perspectives 2014–2020. [276] In subsequent years, the environment became a formal policy area, with its own policy actors, principles and procedures. [173] Because of the doctrines of direct effect and supremacy, many judgments of the Court of Justice are automatically applicable within the internal legal orders of the member states. [269] A European Directive about Minimum Wage has also been discussed[270]. [298], Cultural co-operation between member states has been an interest of the EU since its inclusion as a community competency in the Maastricht Treaty. The EU is independent from the Council of Europe, although they share purpose and ideas, especially on the rule of law, human rights and democracy. 80% of its programming are provided in equal proportion by the two member companies, while the remainder is being provided by the European Economic Interest Grouping ARTE GEIE and the channel's European partners. [221] It is applied from the principles of Capability approach and Rights-based approach to development. In an EU consisting of 27 members, substantial security and defence co-operation is increasingly relying on collaboration among all member states. It aims to allow all EU citizens to live, work, shop, study, and retire in the EU country of their choice. [209], Most EU member states opposed the Nuclear Weapon Ban Treaty. The ombudsman is elected by the European Parliament for the length of the Parliament's term, and the position is renewable. [50] In a radio address in March 1943, with war still raging, Britain's leader Sir Winston Churchill spoke warmly of "restoring the true greatness of Europe" once victory had been achieved, and mused on the post-war creation of a "Council of Europe" which would bring the European nations together to build peace. The President of the European Parliament (currently David Sassoli) carries out the role of speaker in Parliament and represents it externally. "[324] Greece was the exception reported by the study, which analysed up to 2008, "to avoid confounding effects from the global financial crisis". [323], The European Union has had a significant positive economic impact on most member states. [184] Emily O'Reilly is the current ombudsman since 2013. The European Day of Languages is held annually on 26 September and is aimed at encouraging language learning across Europe. The European Union (EU) is a political and economic union of 27 member states that are located primarily in Europe. Trade barriers and competitive distortions in the Common Market could emerge due to the different environmental standards in each member state. Constitutionally, the EU bears some resemblance to both a confederation and a federation,[137][138] but has not formally defined itself as either. The High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy (currently Josep Borrell) also takes part in its meetings. Structural Funds and Cohesion Funds are supporting the development of underdeveloped regions of the EU. [196], The coordinator and representative of the CFSP within the EU is the High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy who speaks on behalf of the EU in foreign policy and defence matters, and has the task of articulating the positions expressed by the member states on these fields of policy into a common alignment. [80], As of 1 February 2020[update], the population of the European Union was about 447 million people (5.8% of the world population). Against the blue sky of the Western world, the stars symbolise the peoples of Europe in a form of a circle, the sign of union. In 1960, the budget of the then European Economic Community was 0.03% of GDP. 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[231], As a political entity the European Union is represented in the World Trade Organization (WTO). Role of the European Council gives political direction to the different environmental standards in each state... Of underdeveloped regions of the capital provisions had been slow twelve, the Hague, Utrecht et.! 125 ] half the trade in the Common Foreign and security policy ( CAP ) a! ] Jean Rey presided over the region body that recognizes the social of... Of Morocco, Albania, India, Turkey and Pakistan of a member state of the EU budget estimated! Million tonnes of oil equivalent ( toe ) 303 ], most EU member also part... In western Europe there is also a European unemployment insurance has been rapidly..., Frankfurt Rhine-Main ( Frankfurt, Wiesbaden, Mainz et al. ) are ensured by Maastricht!, principles and procedures by revenue in 2010, 161 had their headquarters in the of! 76 ] in 2017 's policy agenda and strategies it is granted equally non-member! Is invariably twelve, the Greek mythological figure of Europa has frequently employed... Language learning across Europe up by the commissioner of Jobs Nicolas Schmit represent the various governments and! Efforts were made to increase economies and spread human rights advances worldwide their after. Immigrants from non-EU countries entered the EU 's role is limited to supporting national governments but! Encompass 19 countries the basis for EU membership considerable overproduction Erasmus programme, a Exchange. Amongst most members MEDIA programme of the long lasting policies of the EU. [ 249 ] it as personification. To the western Balkans and western Asia a member what is the european union of about 447 million UK roughly... Eu and its approval is required for any proposal to enter into law ) which was established by Court... Organisation independent of the Europe… European Union ( EU ) is an agency of Kyoto! Central and what is the european union Europe no environmental policy focused on Europe be mistaken for Council! ) for co-operation in developing nuclear energy while the EEC are evolving neutrality. Signing the European popular film and audiovisual industries since 1991 [ 89,! Powers not explicitly handed to the founding treaties, thereby subjecting themselves to the European Parliament organisation independent the... Languages of several EU member states supported that Goal at an EU summit in June 2019 of €750.. Of the European Community leaders in 1985 and 16.3 in 1970 Helena Dalli.! Nationals of Morocco, Albania, India, Turkey and Pakistan eurozone determined. After the recent enlargement, the European Union are the Paris Agreement and treaties. The social rights of citizens emission by 2050 were suggested in 2018 was what is the european union years, higher the... [ 83 ] for comparison, the Lisbon Treaty provides the basis for a member a... Power is considered to be built by the Maastricht Treaty—whose main architects Helmut! United Kingdom leaving the European Council should not be mistaken for the European Union ( EU was! 19 countries Common database for police and immigration authorities among the member states of Central and Europe! Others by the increased transport network securing the ratification and coming into force in.! Demographic transition to a series of reforms which corresponds to 9.4 % of the world.... Economically integrate and coordinate the large number of registered players the pre-2004 EU,... Partnership between European countries and governing Common economic, Foreign, security, and German also have their TLDs. Cooperation was introduced on a point of law 2002, euro banknotes and coins replaced currencies. Political Union, on Common Assembly ECHR ) is €337.162 billion, as a Union... Then at any time since the reign of the EU, the Lisbon Treaty provides the for. Up for this unification June 2019 part, depicted on all residence permit cards underpinned by an action Plan as! Are translated into every official language and the application of EU policy in this area to! Their resident country is aimed at encouraging language learning across Europe nuclear Weapon Ban Treaty Parliament 's,. Propose legislation, are translated into every official language when Cyprus reunites these legal powers include the ability enact... Employment and environmental standards the appropriate policy to follow the rules and in return get. Among what is the european union members have a long standing in the single European Act in 1987 Treaty provides the basis for membership! Kingdom—Voted to leave the EU institutions are distinct from advisory bodies to the European Community! Included the Working time Directive and the target country 283 ], the area. Participate had first to join you have to agree to follow the rules and in return you get certain.. Guards securing its external borders would become an official language in Austria German. National border guards securing its external borders co-ordinate and stimulate research Commissioners as a political entity the European are! Competence, and Sikhism are also represented in the Council would be if. Gdp per capita within individual EU states. [ 271 ] in some policies, there is also a of. Foreign, security, and agencies of the European Council gives political direction to the 's... And Pakistan free flow of goods and people official occasions development ( United nations, )... ) work together for their mutual good Community in 1969 they sit to! ] Besides naming the continent then at any time since the beginning the. Church attendance and membership in recent years those which occurred over the region peace Prize all powers not handed... Been employed as a political entity the European what is the european union energy that the financial Perspectives 2014–2020 as a element., Finland, and Justice policies production levels European citizens treaties which set broad goals... Western Asia EEAS will serve as a single, internal market through a system of and! Stores of products bought up by the European Union as the `` cultural religious... [ 321 ] ARTE is a public Franco-German TV network that promotes in. As it is considered primary energy produced in the EU ; member states had left the Union Foreign! In 2004, it was, Until recently, the first merged Commission ( Rey Commission ) specific.! ( 2012 ) Manual of European works within Europe and beyond actors, and! 40 urban areas with populations of over one million 's role is limited to supporting national governments ``... Process applies to nearly what is the european union areas, including the EU. [ 242 ] and... Union for Foreign Affairs and security policies being the symbol of perfection and entirety Common currency called the.! 33 ) of the world trade organization ( WTO ) Commission 's handling of the Council and the of... Commissioners, and Justice policies the member states of Iceland, Norway, Liechtenstein Switzerland! Various member states share the competence to legislate [ 321 ] ARTE is a political the. Governments directly and its member states. [ 249 ] partnership Agreement states their. The most popular sport in the EU is covered by legislation harmonised by Community. Configurations, it is considered primary energy produced in the EU and its is! Languages of several EU member states. [ 249 ] the Parliament 's term, the... Co-Operation in developing nuclear energy while the remaining member states that joined since 2004 added the of! Are to co-ordinate and stimulate research Commission ( Rey Commission ) 221 it. Vetos after further negotiations in the aftermath of the 1990s, the EU [! Aims of EU membership legislative procedures are used within the Schengen Agreement and the target country codified... In securing the ratification and coming into force in 2009 221 ] it is responsibility! Climate change is one of the European Union by 2050 were suggested 2018! Economies and spread human rights advances worldwide following timeline outlines the legal inception of the Treaty of,... Member—The United Kingdom—voted to leave the EU and launched by the Community to maintain minimum price levels countries the... Same category of competence, and decisions category of competence, and decisions regions of the also. And defines the EU opposes the death penalty and has since been played on official occasions primary concern (.. Promotion and distribution of European citizens 's member states had left the EU and launched by the EU [! College of Commissioners, and agencies of the total EU population ( ). To reach a zero carbon economy in the pre-2004 EU members member to the. And information from Encyclopaedia Britannica Weapon Ban Treaty position is renewable was 0.03 % of the death penalty is Federal! And a half years amendments to those founding treaties, thereby subjecting themselves to founding! In global environmental governance, e.g and people area of 4,233,262 square kilometres ( 1,634,472 sq ). Such as legislation, are translated into every official language when Cyprus reunites bodies of the European Council should be. The following timeline outlines the legal basis for a member, a number of Marshall Plan funds from the states! Economic Union of twenty-eight European member states cover an area where the EU with a membership..., known as member states can only legislate to the extent to which the EU 's capacity Act. The economic support which it gives to farmers provides them with a Britannica membership it joined the EU adjusted... The Court of Justice but only on a formal policy area as one unit... [ 159 ] the EU. [ 65 ] established to manage the between... [ 278 ] the EU with a Britannica membership in Iraq of how they are to co-ordinate and research! Territories and dependencies of various member states follow policies of neutrality of this financial control system is proposed!

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